Wireless Digital AV Transmission
     Richwave's Wireless Digital AV Transmission IC sets are total solution to provide the encoded video compression and the Adaptive Frequency Hopping ISM band transmission for D1(NTSC/PAL) 30f/s quality video stream. With the High Datarate Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology, this solution sets are able to avoid the interference from WiF, Bluetooth, and other ISM band devices.
Wireless Digital AV Transmission IC family features
◆ 2.4GHz High Data rate Adaptive Frequency Hopping
◆ 4 Transmitters and 1 Receiver
◆ Video Encoding and Decoding
◆ Support Video Capture
◆ Support LCD output and TV output
◆ Can configure as HDMI output
◆ Support Stereo Audio input/output