Product No:RTC6614

  Broadband operating frequency: 0.1 ~ 6 GHz
  Low Control Voltage: Vcon(H) 3 V and Vcon(L)= 0 V
  Low Insertion Loss: 0.50 dB @ 2.5 GHz
0.60 dB @ 5.8 GHz
  High Isolation: 29 dB @ 2.5 GHz
29 dB @ 5.8 GHz
  High handling power, Pin(1dB) = +30.5 dBm
  High-density surface mounting: 6L UQFN 2x3 mm package
  Lead(Pb)-free, RoHS compliant packaging

Product Feature

The RTC6614 is a SPDT antenna switch in GaAs PHEMT technology operating from 0.1 up to 6 GHz frequency range. RTC6614 exhibits low insertion loss, high isolation and low DC power consumption characteristics over broadband range. Due to the excellent performance, RTC6614 undertakes the wonderful choice of transmit/receive function in wireless applications such as WLAN, and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n.