Antenna Switch Module

Product No  RTC56151

◆ Broadband frequency range (0.5-2.5GHz)
◆ Low insertion loss(0.4dB@1GHz, 0.5dB@2GHz) & high
◆ Wide supply range VDD =1.8 to 3 V
◆ High linearity IMD3 < -105dBm
◆ Good spurious harmonic performance -70dBc @900MHz,
    +34.5dBm input power
◆ Low logic control voltage VCTRL down to 1.8V
◆ 16L QFN3 X 3 X 0.75 mm package
◆ Lead(Pb) free, RoHS compliant

Product Feature

The RTC56151 is a symmetric, single-pole four-throw (SP4T) antenna switch module (ASM). All inputs and outputs are internally matched to 50Ω and the DC block capacitors at antenna and each RF ports are not necessary. This feature reduces the parts count, shrinks the circuit size, widens the operating bandwidth, and cuts down the manufacturing costs. Low-loss, high power and high linearity make the SP4T ASM suitable for multimode and multiband applications such as GSM/WCDMA/EDGE. A decoder with low current consumption is included in the device, which uses only two DC voltages to control switch operations. At each RF port to the antenna path, the typical insertion loss is 0.7 dB from 0.5 to 2.5 GHz. The isolation between each RF port is higher than 20 dB. The device can be operated at 1.8 to 3V wide supply range. These characteristics make RTC56151 SP4T ASM very useful in various applications, such as hand-held device and battery-powered equipment.
The RTC56151 is packaged in a very compact industry-standard 16-lead surface mount package QFN 3mm X 3 mm with lead-free RoHS compliant.