Wireless Digital AV Transmission

Product No:RTC-6752

•Multi-format MPEG encoder
  - MPEG4 encoder
       30 fps at 720x480, 25 fps at 720x576
  - H.263 encoder:
  - JPEG encoder
  - Video pre-processing
•Multi-format MPEG decoder
       30 fps at 720x480, 25 fps at 720x576
  - H.263 decoder:
  - JPEG decoder
  - Video post-processing
•Video capture input and LCD output interface
  - Video Capture interface
       CCIR656 for external TV decoder
       Raw RGB for CMOS/CCD sensor
  - LCD Output interface
       CCIR656 for LCD panel
       8 bits series RGB ofr LCD panel
•TV out
•LCD controller
•High speed serial programming interface (SPI) for companion RF chip.
•I2C for companion CMOS sensor device control.
•UARTs for debugging.
•Real time clock for security day/night identification.
•PWM for external IO device control as IR transmitter carrier generation or step motor control
•Power Management Control
•Package: 256LQFP-EP 28*28mm2

•Digital AV Sender (CVBS or HDMI)
•Security Camera with one Receiver
•Car Rear View
•Wireless Video Door phone
•Digital Baby Monitor

Product Feature

Product Overview
The RTC6752 is a highly integrated SOC (System On Chip) platform with a high-speed 32-bit ARM926 CPU core for embedded applications and a powerful hardwired multi-format MPEG encoder/decoder for video acceleration as well as a variety of interfaces which are suitable for digital audio / video application. It contains NOR flash controller, DDR1 controller, USB OTG controller, DMA controller and smart power saving mechanism to be a very powerful SOC platform. Some interfaces like video capture, TV encoder with 3-channel DA, audio AD/DA with digital filters, I2S, SPI are very suitable for audio / video applications.