Wireless Digital AV Transmission

Product No:RTC-6757

•Multi-format MPEG encoder
  - MPEG4 encoder
     30 fps at 720x480, 25 fps at 720x576
  - H.263 encoder:
  - JPEG encoder
  - Video pre-processing
•Multi-format MPEG decoder
     30 fps at 720x480, 25 fps at 720x576
  - H.263 decoder:
  - JPEG decoder
  - Video post-processing
•Video capture input and LCD output interface
  - Video Capture interface
     CCIR656 for external TV decoder
     Raw RGB for CMOS/CCD sensor
  - LCD Output interface
     CCIR656 for LCD panel
     8 bits series RGB ofr LCD panel
• TV out
• LCD controller
• High speed serial programming interface (SPI) for companion RF chip.
• I2C for companion CMOS sensor device control.
• UARTs for debugging.
• Real time clock for security day/night identification.
• PWM for external IO device control as IR transmitter carrier generation or step motor control
• Power Management Control
• Package: 180-ball LFBGA 12mm*12mm

• Digital AV Sender (CVBS or HDMI)
• 4 Security Cameras with one Receiver
• Car Rear View
• Wireless Video Door phone
• Digital Baby Monitor

Product Feature

Product Overview
The RTC6757 is a highly integrated SOC (System On Chip) platform with a high-speed 32-bit ARM926 CPU core for embedded applications and a powerful hardwired multi-format MPEG encoder/decoder for video acceleration as well as a variety of interfaces which are suitable for digital audio / video application. It contains NOR flash controller, SDRAM controller, USB OTG controller, DMA controller and smart power saving mechanism to be a very powerful SOC platform. Some interfaces like video capture, LCD controller, TV encoder with 1-channel DA, audio AD/DA with digital filters, I2S, SPI are very suitable for audio / video applications.