Wireless Analog AV Transmission

Product No:RTC-6711

◆ 3.3V/2.5V Power Supply
◆ 2.4GHz ISM bands FM demodulator
◆ High sensitivity FM/FSK Receiver Operation
◆ Simple three digital pins setting 4 fixed channels to eliminate external micro-controller
◆ FM and FSK dual output formats
◆ Radio Strength Indicator (RSSI)
◆ CMOS technology
◆ On-chip VCO and PLL
◆ Receiver frequency setting by SPI programming
◆ 48-pin Leadless QFN package

◆ AV Sender
◆ FSK transmitter
◆ Baby Monitor
◆ Wireless Camera
◆ Wireless Audio
◆ Wireless Earphone

Product Feature

Product Description
The RTC6711 is a highly integrated FM/FSK receiver intended for application on 2.4GHz band analog FM or digital FSK demodulation. The chip includes a low noise amplifier, mixer, IF amplifier, FM demodulator, AGC, and FSK data slicer. With RSSI voltage output the instantaneous radio signal strength can be monitoring as input for the followed indicator process.
RX Carrier frequency can be set by SPI programming, or by selecting among 4 fixed channels using three dedicated pins. The device is available in a 48-pin QFN package.