Wireless Analog AV Transmission

Product No:RTC-6721

◆ 3.3V power supply
◆ 6/6.5 MHz sound FM demodulator
◆ CMOS technology
◆ On-chip VCO and PLL
◆ 24-pin leadless QFN package
◆ Audio amp embedded
◆ AV Sender
◆ Baby Monitor
◆ Wireless Audio
◆ Wireless Earphone

Product Feature

Product Description

The RTC6721 is a dual-channel of 6MHz and 6.5MHz FM demodulator for wireless audio and analog FM application. The chip includes PLL based audio demodulator and audio amplifier providing 1Vpp audio output. This device may be connected with RTC6711 as a total solution for wireless AV center application. The device is available in a 24-pin QFN package.